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Mar 27

Is Crypto's Lag Behind the SP500 and Gold All-Time High Pushes a Hidden Bullish Divergence? 27-03-24, 21:08

📊 #Crypto traders normally hope that #Bitcoin and other assets carve their own market performance path, without reliance on #equities or other sectors. But for a change, the crowd has been suggesting that the strong #AllTimeHigh levels from the #SP500 and #gold are creating a #bullish divergence for $BTC and #altcoins to be pulled up from profit distributions from these other sectors.

With $BTC's whales accumulating big this week and the #halving just three weeks out, this increased optimism and today's perpetual contract funding rate increase on #Binance may have some merit to predicting where #cryptocurrency goes next. 👍

Save this Sanbase chart to your own profile to track how things continue to progress in the trading sector wars!

Feb 26

Microstrategy Buys 3,000 More Bitcoin, Price Jumps to Highest Level Since 2021! 26-02-24, 22:56

📈 With assistance from #Microstrategy's latest purchase of an additional 3,000 #Bitcoin, the market value of #crypto's top cap asset has jumped as high as $54.9K today, equaling its highest price since December 3, 2021. Notably, this happened on a day that the #SP500 declined -0.5%, indicating that #crypto may be shedding some of its reliance on #equities markets.

Historically, minimal correlation between #cryptocurrency markets and #stock markets has led to the largest #bullruns for $BTC and #altcoins.

Check out the link to our sector comparison chart here!

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