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Mar 23

Bitcoin Safety and Memecoins Driving Market Talks Heading Into Weekend! 23-03-24, 02:13

πŸ“Š As #Bitcoin attempts to rebound following its largest sustained dip in over 5 months, traders have been increasingly focused on the challenges behind holding $BTC in cold storage, via #ETF's, and through various borrowing options.

Also seeing an increasing amount of narratives heading into the weekend, the major #memecoin market cap drops are showing polarized views. Some are still quite euphoric about the freedom and "wild west" concept behind them, while other traders are showing skepticism toward the facade behind them, and potential scams associated with them and the #cryptocurrency markets.

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Mar 20

VIDEO: How the Crowd's Reaction and Whales' Patience Have Contributed to the Recovery! 20-03-24, 21:14

πŸ“Ί Just prior to the #FOMC decision, we discussed the rising amount of fear in the markets and whales' holdings not changing despite this past week's dip. Check out our snippet from today's #livestream video with Santiment's friend, TradeDevils!

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Mar 11

Mar 4

Memecoin Watchlist to Quickly Sort Through All the Pumps Throughout the Sector! 4-03-24, 21:04

😺🐢🀣 As #memecoins have made their presence felt during #crypto's historic rise, we introduce a watchlist exclusively for these assets. Among top assets for this category, market caps have risen +150%, and trade volume has risen +1,120%

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Memecoin Tradins Volume Has Historically Risen as Altcoin Redistribution Hasn't Slowed Down 4-03-24, 07:40

πŸ“ˆ #Memecoins, particularly those that have been trending over the past week, have skyrocketed in trading volume due to surging prices and increased crowd interest. On average, $SHIB, $PEPE, $FLOKI, and $BONK have seen volume rise +3,000% in the past week.

Consider combining spiking trading volume with spiking social volume as a key volatility and price reversal indicator (whether you are awaiting a top or bottom) for any asset, memecoin or otherwise.

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Feb 27

Memecoins Trending May Signal Crowd Overextending! 27-02-24, 18:47

🐢 #Memecoins are gaining significant increased traction and market cap growth on an otherwise flat Tuesday. Keep an eye on trending tokens $PEPE (+63%), $FLOKI (+44%), and $WIF (+43%). #FOMO toward assets like these are caution flags for #crypto markets.

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Nov 27