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Bitcoin BEP2, Dusk, and Beefy Round Out the Top 3 Fastest Developing Binance Chain & BSC Coins 4-07-24, 16:14

🧑‍💻 Here are crypto's top BSC and Binance Chain coins by development frequency. This list is compiled by counting all notable github activity of each project, and averaging their daily activity over the past 30 days.

Arrows represent whether they have ascended or descended in their ranking positions since last month's update:

➡️1) Binance $BTCB 🥇
➡️2) Dusk $DUSK 🥈
↗️3) Beefy $BIFI 🥉
↘️4) Flux $FLUX
↘️5) Trust Wallet $TWT
↗️6) Saito $SAITO
➡️7) Apeswap $BANANA
↗️8) Frax $FRAX
➡️9) Token Pocket $TPT
↗️10) LTO $LTO

Read our latest update about our methodology for pulling github activity data from project repositories, and why it is so useful for investing and trading:

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