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Sep 24

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Sep 10

Open Thursday Thread
10-09-20, 15:42

This week continues a series of discussion threads in Insights.

A question today is:

Is there a chance farmers will move to blockchains with cheaper transactions?

To Tron for example, Pearl Finance.

Sep 3

Sep 2

Sep 1

Aug 27

Open Thursday Thread
27-08-20, 10:21

This week continues a series of Discussion threads in Insights.

A question today is:

How do you discover hot new DeFi tokens?

Any comment is good.

Aug 26

Why does Ampleforth fall?
26-08-20, 11:48

Watching the DeFi liquidity for a long time, one could notice an initially stable growth of $AMPL token. But recently, the token has been steadily going down, as can be seen in this graph:

Data provided by

This fall is due to the growth of Circulation, which is inversely proportional to the token price:

Also, it is noticeable by increasing the number of holders in Holder Distribution:

It is quite probable that in the nearest future this token should not be used for purchase and investment in liquidity.

Aug 14