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Jun 17

Watch for FUD and FOMO Toward These Altcoins to Start the Week! 17-06-24, 17:36

🗣️ As crypto markets open the week mainly flat, the coins seeing the highest rise in discussion rate are:

😨 DAO (-12% in the past week): Worries about potential vulnerabilities in the smart contracts, leading to possible security breaches and financial losses for investors.

ğŸ˜Ž CVX(+63% in the past week): The project's recent performance, as well as its connection to Curve, are leaving people with FOMO toward the project.

Mar 15

Feb 23

DeFi Assets Create Instant Price Spikes and Euphoric Reactions After Uniswap's Staker Sharing Proposal 23-02-24, 20:29

💸 #DeFi has taken some of the spotlight from the #AI craze. Assets that enable users to lend, borrow, or exchange #crypto without a central authority like $UNI, $COMP, $SUSHI, and $AAVE all spiked in value following a key #Uniswap proposal to reward staked and delegated token holders.

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Jul 5