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Mar 2

'Altseason' Shows Continued Momentum Over the Weekend With Massive Memecoin and AI Project Surges 2-03-24, 23:49

📈 #Altcoins have seen historic gains over the past week, and #altseason hasn't slowed down this weekend. Notables like $PEPE (+225%) and $SHIB (+126%) have intrigued #memecoin traders. Keep an eye on #AI projects like $AR (+100%) and $FET (+76%) as well.

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Jan 14

Axie Infinity and Bitcoin Cash are Two Funding Rates to Watch on Binance This Weekend! 14-01-24, 03:08

📉🙏 #AxieInfinity and #BitcoinCash are among the very slim group of #crypto assets that are seeing a higher ratio of shorts than longs this weekend. Traders appear to be confident of a market bounce upcoming, and $BCH & $AXS are two exceptions.

Short liquidations could act as 'rocket fuel' and cause market value rises if they show minor signs of bouncing while there is this level of trader shorting at their current values.

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May 13

Perpetual Contract Funding Rates Revealing Uncertain Future 13-05-21, 08:19

The BitMEX Perpetual Contract Funding Rate is an important way to gauge whether the crowd on one of crypto's top exchanges, is getting overly greedy or fearful.

The metric is defined on our Santiment Academy as a fee paid by one side of the perpetual contract to the other. When the funding rate is positive, Longs pay Shorts. When the funding rate is negative, Shorts pay Longs.

So in essence, as traders, we're looking for high funding rates (greed) to be indicative of a potential upcoming top, and low funding rates to indicate a potential bottom (fear).


0.01% funding rate is low for Bitcoin, and slightly bullish while down at this level.


0.08% funding rate is average for Ethereum.


XRP's funding rate is quite high at 0.15%. Somewhat bearish.


Litecoin's funding rate is mildly above average at 0.09%. Just slightly bearish.


Chainlink is average at 0.08%.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is above average at 0.11%. Slightly bearish.

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