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May 13

Prices and Discussion Rates are Still Sinking, Trading Volumes Sinking Even More! 13-05-24, 01:06

📉 With #bearish sentiment high, #crypto markets have continued to slip over the past week. Overall, the market has dropped -3.6%, and volume is -27% lower than the previous week. $TON, $KAS, $RUNE, and $AKT have kept traders hopeful.

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Apr 23

AI and Big Data Cryptocurrencies Just Won't Stop Booming! 23-04-24, 18:17

🤖📈 The top 100 #AI and #BigData projects have collectively grown their market caps by +22% in the past week. The sector continues to boom with front-runners like Open Fabric (+78%), Aleph.IM (+64%), and Akash (+49%) seeing major growth.

It is always advisable to do your own research before investing in such projects. But with the sector seeing advancements that are being backed by speculative support from traders that wish to get exposure to #ArtificialIntelligence in its still very short lifespan, there is merit to looking through #cryptocurrency project options that particularly fall under this category.

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