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Jun 8

Is AI Priming For a Secret Breakout? 8-06-24, 02:08

🤖👀 Keep an eye on AI projects this weekend and early part of next week. There has been another gradual rise in social volume toward Synth AI, and regulation for projects like $FET, $OCEAN, $AGIX, and $TAO. These spikes in crowd interest are often followed by rises in price.

Apr 15

Apr 8

Mar 8

AI and Memecoin Projects Battling for Market Cap Growth as Bitcoin Rangers at $67K 8-03-24, 03:18

📊 As #crypto markets remain eerily flat these past 24 hours, the push and pull between #AI coins and #memecoins has resumed.

🤖 $AGIX, $RNDR, & $FET surged earlier today, but began dipping 3 hours ago

🐶 $FLOKI, $PEPE, & $WIF dipped earlier today, but began surging 3 hours ago

Explore the above chart comparing these 6 assets here.

Track all of the notable #AI projects on our custom watchlist here.

Track all of the notable #memecoin projects on our custom watchlist here.

Feb 22

SingularityNET On-Chain Activity Soars as the Crypto AI Party Continues 22-02-24, 21:13

🤖 #SingularityNET and its native token, $AGIX, are seeing sky-high levels of #onchain activity today with its market cap well over doubling in the past week. The network, which facilitates the creation and sharing of #AI tools, has an #alltimehigh 93.6K non-0 coin wallets now, as its daily whale transactions over $1M in value, on-chain volume, and conversation rate have all skyrocketed.

Keep tabs on these 4 key metrics to identify local top and bottom opportunities with this Santiment chart.

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New AI and Big Data Screener and Watchlist Make it Easy to Track One of the Hottest Crypto Sectors of 2024! 22-02-24, 05:16

🤖 With the increased rise in interest in #AI and #BigData in #crypto, we have a new watchlist to allow you to keep tabs on this rising sector. Among top price risers over the past week, $AGI (+182%), $ALI(+138%), and $AGIX (+122%) have stood out.

Enjoy the link to our AI and Big Data screener, and enjoy using the public watchlist as well!

Feb 10

AI Tokens Take a Dip: When Less Demand Leads to Less Sizzle in Prices 10-02-23, 09:23

CoinMarketCap's data shows that the top three AI tokens with the highest market capitalization are The Graph [GRT], SingularityNET [AGIX], and [FET].

Source: CoinMaketCap

Although these cryptocurrency assets experienced substantial growth during the past week, on-chain analysis revealed that their prices respective prices peaked on 8 February and have since declined. The decline in price was attributable to the corresponding drop in new demand for these assets. Due to a lack of sufficient liquidity to boost prices, it is likely that the prices of these assets will continue to decline.

Source: Santiment

Feb 6