WTF..will it continue?

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Sep 6, 2018

Using Santiment's Topic Search feature we can see that "WTF" may be a good continuation indicator; when we see a burst of "WTF" from the crowd, the price continues in the same direction.

"WTF" Topic Search results

This is clear the case in the " Traders Social Volume" and " Telegram Social Volume" charts, but not so much in the "Reddit Social Volume " chart, which I have not included in the above picture.

This could make sense from a counter sentiment point of view; "WTF" is offen used as an expression of surprise, so if the crowd is surprised the price has made a move in a certain direction then maybe it is now surprising it continues in that direction :)

And look, there has recently been a burst of "WTF" when the market moved down...

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Sep 6, 2018

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