Tron gains 12% as Justin Sun promotes a controversial dapp

Yesterday Tron made a second year high in social volume due to Just.Game announcement:

What is Just.Game?

Basically playing this is buying "boxes", promoting it and earning loyalty rewards. Sounds like a classic ponzi scam?

Justin even spent a couple of hours streaming his own "gameplay" and explaining it.

Funny thing he was unable to purchase a box for quite some time and this is why the word "glitch" appeared in emerging trends:

Like "glitch happens" :) is currently ranking this glitch... oh, excuse me, this game as highest in daily volume. In sense of spent value (category "high risk"):

Noticed a second line?

Yeah, it's HEX. We've covered it recently -

TRX price reaction?

Around 12% gains that day, now almost completely corrected to initial levels.

Social metrics.

Sanbase Graphs is a nice tool to dive in socials.

What can I see there is that only two channels expressed some sentiment yesterday.

First is negative sentiment on Discord:

Second is positive sentiment on Bitcointalk:

Other channels like don't care.

Neutral bias on average.

It explains a humble price action.

Thanks for reading!

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