Storj musters a 22.3% rally - in 5 minutes

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Jun 13, 2019

Looks like we’ve got an early winner for the least organic pump in the month of June. The coin’s 5-minute candles for the past 24 hours tell it all:

Storj spiked over 22.3% between 6pm and 6:05pm UTC on Tuesday, or a total of 33.7% in 20-minutes time, before retracing back through a series of increasingly weak bounces.

As expected, there was no obvious reason for the pump, with zero project announcements, notable news or even spicy rumors to support the rally. This, of course, has done little to stop Telegram traders from riding the Storj moon train:

  • Go go storj 6100 today
  • Storj moon again
  • Storj getting ready for another leg up keep eyes on it, open target
  • Buy storj gonna moon again
  • Storj will cross 1$

Seems like some believe that Storj pumps tend to come in pairs, and are waiting for the other shoe to drop:

For the time being, however, Storj continues on a decidedly downward trend after the Tuesday pump, currently sitting at -6.60% for the day:

But hey, everything can change in 5 minutes anyway, right?

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Jun 13, 2019

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