NANO fueled by BaNANO?

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Garry Kabankin
Apr 9, 2019

28% up in 34 hours

Unlike most alts bleeding yesterday NANO made a move up, producing lots of buzz like:

"Good to buy nano now or wait for a dip ?"

"Taking profits at $1.75 Nano will eventually be about as laughable as taking profits at $10 Bitcoin."

"Nano/Raiblocks at 20 cents on 1st Dec 2017 to 36 dollars on the first week of January 2018 was pretty damn insane...on shitty exchanges too. And then it slowly bleeds. Must take profit this time."

Yes, NANO, formerly known as XRB (Railblocks) is remembered by one of most amazing pumps of 12'2017.

Followed then by Bitgrail exchange hack, during which $200M equivalent XRB was stolen.

One more find - there is a NANO fork called BaNANO
And they announced an airdrop for NANO holders recently.

This time no serious visible reasons for price growth can be observed.

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Garry Kabankin
Apr 9, 2019

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