MATIC moon run halts, sees over -50% dip from ATH

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May 23, 2019

It seemed like nothing could stop the rise of MATIC over the month, seeing a huge run up that would have netted a bottom buyer (49 sats) more than 10x in BTC at its peak.

It's not a question of whether will it dip but a matter of when. The trading volume around it was too good to ignore and traders were speculating in increasingly risky territories everytime the price made new ATHs.

Alas, all good runs must come to an end, nothing goes up forever. The MATIC moon run came to a halt and profit taking soon followed, causing a dips and more dips along the way. Seeing a -50%++ drop from ATH of 538 sats to 283 sats.

Curious how the crowd excitement looks like during the huge runup?

The number of MATIC mentions skyrocketed to a ATH as well on the day it made a new price ATH. Here's a look at what the chatter was like before and after the dip.

On the way to ATH:

  • Buy matic , buy celr 🚀🚀🚀
  • leets go matic to 1000
  • 😍😍 Matic new ath .. 600 with in 2 hours
  • 👌😊 lets hope matic soon on coinbase
  • Matic replacing btc this week
  • You underestimate matic, you see , matic is god, matic will replace every thing in this materialistic universe , only thing left will be matic ! 😇

After the dip,

  • Where are the MATIC shillers 😂
  • I loose my money on matic But i won't loose hope
  • Celr matic biggest pump and dumps of 2019
  • Nah. Never gonna fomo. Learnt from matic
  • What about matic ? Is it end ?
  • So, matic is a scam coin? 😄
  • Matic is dead leave matic already.. Go btt 👍
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May 23, 2019

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