Making sense of the crypto market — in 10 words or less

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Garry Kabankin
Jul 28, 2020

Emerging Trends aka Trending Words are existing on Santiment Platform for months.

A curious one could have noticed this tool is not only a proven tops spotter.

Some fantasy applied could even create hokku stories some days.

Look at this set of words:

Most can be connected in a single phrase like

BTC-Altcoins-LTC-Ethereum? Wanna buy or sell - check the level of FOMO and go back to joints lol

Did we have a gap? Ok we will come then back lol

You can use Emerging Trends for trading, by all means, but also it's actually quite fun to see how the cryptocommunity mood is rapidly changing.

Screens from few days ago are telling a completely different story:

OMG, Elon Musk can exchange XRP to DOGE and send us from Florida to Mars.
A hacker hacked twitter accounts posting scam to get your bitcoin
Friday trading not rewarded - a king of bots opened a good long on BTC and got rekt

Do you see?

Jokes aside, a few days ago ETH was on top of Emerging Trends list.

It worked as a predictor of the top, used by Dino in latest research.

We assume spotting tops with Emerging Trends is really working for BTC and ETH if discussions are price related. Topics related to majors can be very different. But if topics are price related, spotting tops should work.

It worked for ETH. Now BTC is a top spot. Might expect the same as with ETH.

Keep track of this tool.

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Garry Kabankin
Jul 28, 2020

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