Is it over with SONM?

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Garry Kabankin
Sep 14, 2019

Despite the French crypto taxation topic made maximal noise in social channels yesterday, I'd like to take good al SONM tokens to explore why are they trending.

  1. The social volume is at yearly maximum:

2. Wordcloud makes me suggest something related to development happened:

3. Checking the devactivity:

I doubt so. Blue line of SONM development activity has some anomalies (red dots), but generally descending.

4. What's the context? Checking social channels:

"SONM just abandoned their token starting a private company saying sonm is fully built and finished 😂"


Aha, here is a possible buzz source:

So that's why the devactivity was descending. And it explains the word cloud.

5. Alright and what is the crowd saying?

  • SONM did exit scam taday!
  • Just sonm team make money from it
  • Sonm can be soon delisted from binance in this case, leaving it
  • This ship is sinking for more than two years
  • sonm exit scam. who cares pump it!
  • Thanks guys, sell me your cheap sonm now!!
  • Is it OK to buy more SONM amidst of fears to sell back upon pump

Negative moods are slightly dominating.

6. Getting back to onchain data. Are there any interesting related patterns?

A spike in top holders holdings. Accumulation during the bottom?

And at the same the percent of total supply on exchanges reaches it's all time high, increasing the selling pressure:

Token age consumed as a bottom indicator and transaction volume were spiking during the summer in advance:

Good buy, SONM?

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Garry Kabankin
Sep 14, 2019

Thanks for reading!

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