From NFT to ETH. And then?

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Aug 3, 2021

This is not the first time when Gaming/NFT tokens are trending. What if we try to see how is this segment performing lately and compare it with BTC and ETH?

First, we created a screener for that. It contains gaming and NFT tokens plus BTC and ETH.

If we sort this list by last week performance, we can see it starting like this:

Name Changing Token (NCT) is leading the group, BTC and ETH are not even close to best performers as expected. Where are they? Somewhere in the middle:

Alright, now let's plot a treemap of marketcap-price performance:

Well, big brothers' marketcap domination is so strong, that the whole trending GamingNFT segment is barely visible. ETH box is large and green, money are definitely there. Where did they left from? Let's remove big brothers and plot the same treemap without them:

Who is suffering? AXS showing the biggest pain, SAND, TLM and SLP. Actually not surprising, we've seen AXS and SLP pumping like crazy before.

If we take this specific group of assets, Gaming/NFT+BTC+ETH, we could probably suggest that money left SLP and AXS crowd favorites and jumped into ETH. Ethereum is obviously one of this week's crowd favorites thanks to the London hardfork.

The question is: who could be in favorites again after the fork?

Screener used

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Aug 3, 2021

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