DeFi vs Gaming. Who's stronger?

Axies, SLP, Play2Earn - these are quite popular keywords last days. Are we in "Gaming Summer"? Or may be still something like "DeFi Summer v2"?

We'd like to highlight a few points comparing NFT Gaming market segment vs DeFi market segment.

A couple of screeners will be used for selecting tokens from DeFi and Gaming.

So, what's in the main cards.

1. Marketcap

  • DeFi marketcap is 8 times bigger than Gaming, but..
  • ..Gaming marketcap grows 8 times faster last week

2. Trading volume

  • Gaming tokens trading volume is 40% higher then DeFi
  • Gaming tokens trading volume grows 70 times faster then DeFi last week

3. Price and volume treemap

DeFi segment performance with a few red squares pales in comparison with all-green Gaming lead by outstanding "AXS +1K" green box. No red boxes for Gaming - no gaming tokens dumping.

4. Social Dominance

Not going to compare amount of mentions "DeFi" vs "Gaming". Looking at social dominance instead. And it says that:

  • "DeFi" mentions peak passed last summer, on "DeFi summer". It's on the rise last months but still not there yet on average.
  • "Gaming" mentions keep surging rapidly since May indifference. It's uptrend of popularity is very clear.

Overall we'd say that Gaming market segment looking stronger than DeFi and the same time may be a bit overbought at the moment.

Do you notice hype around gaming?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product.

Thanks for reading!

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