Could BQX rally signal a quiet resurgence of low-cap pump and dumps?

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May 6, 2019

While its 24-hour gains haven’t been as impressive as that of EVX and DLT (which improved by 31% and 73% respectively), BQX aka ETHOS still managed to capture the crowd’s attention with a 17.1% jump in about 8 hours time today:

This spurred a surge of social media mentions of the coin, with much of the general sentiment leaning positive:

“BQX on fire“

“Yep. Just hold bqx👍 “

“Bqx ready for another leg up💰 “

“Bqx 500 vol approaching🔥big green coming “

“Sit tight in evx and bqx. Dont panic. 100% coming👍 “


While good news for day traders, most of the community seemed to be caught blindsided by the BQX rally. The project has had no big news or announcements touted this week, and although there were some rumors about a potential ‘E trade partnership’, these continue to be pure speculation at this point:

Because of that, some believe the uptrend to be the composite result of coordinated signal groups and bot activity, as BQX has apparently been ‘all over pump groups’ according to some in the community:

What’s interesting is that DLT also followed a very similar pattern today: huge spike, no relevant project news or announcements, and rumours of coordinated pump groups actively shilling the coin. Prompted by the ridiculous price action, the social mentions of both assets also exploded in the last 24 hours, landing the two on our Top Social Gainers list for the day.

Could this signal a resurgence of random P&Ds of mid-to-low cap coins, on a day-to-day basis? While a few coins is hardly the sample size needed to positively claim one way or another, it is at least telling that we’re once again starting to see these random breakout coins show up on our Top Social Gainers list, for the first time in about 5 months.

The last time it happened, it ended with 20+ different coins appearing on our list over the course of a week, all seemingly random pumps which ballooned just enough for the crowd to take notice. Might be wise to take notice this time too.

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May 6, 2019

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