Coinbase Pumps: Who bought Nucypher?

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Dec 1, 2020

Like a Quartz crystal in a cheap knock-off Seiko wrist watch, the Coinbase Pump Signal Generator (TM) fired on Monday Nov 30th at 7pm CET. What transpired?

Coinbase added Coinbase Pro support for sending and receiving Nucypher (NU), the only threshold and proxy re-encryption public network on the planet. Let that sink for a minute. Do you feel the FOMO yet? If not, check out the project link above.


That signal has resulted in a strong 99% pump to date in the value of NuCypher tokens, prompting ... well what exactly? The project has been on an excellent trajectory since ethCC 2019 an delivered on every promise so far. It has locked a record ~386k ETH in its WorkLock contract, an innovative approach to bootstrapping a decentralized PoS network.


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Dec 1, 2020

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