Augur Takes Off on a +25% Push in the Past 24 Hours, On-Chain Metrics Agree

Augur blasted off for a 25% price rise on a Monday mostly marred in losses. Why? Address activity and whale numbers are up!

Here are a look at our models, which foreshadowed REP's surge:

Address Activity and Active Deposits:

Augur's 675 active addresses on Monday was the highest amount recorded on its network since February 28th. And we saw a very similar +25% pump when that active address bar happened three weeks ago.

Similarly, you'll notice that the ratio of address activity (in orange) and active deposits (in pink) stayed relatively down.

Here's another perspective:

Highlighted on the left, we see the ratio of activity vs. deposits was way up Monday, and was the largest average increase among the 30+ assets in our Sansheets model, which you can download here as a Sanbase PRO member!

Whale Addresses Up:

The number of addresses with 1,000 or more, and 10,000 or more REP, both jumped +6% the past two days.

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