"BCD pnd? Btfd?!"

This is one of comments in Telegram regarding BSV.
It means

"Do honorable gentlemen consider Bitcoin Diamond price action to be a pump and dump scheme? And how would you like an idea to go long at current correction level?"

BCD went vertical for almost 60% in 12 hours.

While there is no visible reasons for this, here are some points:

  • Social volume increased in 35(!) times due to this pump.
  • Bitcoin forks are in top gainers in one day: BSV +104%, BCD +59%, BTG +30%

What's in chats?

  • BCD is a pnd. Good luck
  • BCD is a real shitcoin. But shitcoins also pump high. So you never know
  • bcd preparing for another -96% crash
  • bcd is next big pump
  • BCD is gonna go parabolic

Some are suspecting this is pnd.
Who knows.

But the volume is still very high, price action may continue.

In both directions.

Thanks for reading!

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